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Preparation before a race meeting is key to fulfilling your potential. Hire the Cranfield Motorsport driver training facility to master the next circuit on your race calendar before you arrive, giving you the advantage over the competition going into the weekend.

With restrictions on real life testing, circuit availability, bad weather, risk of personal injury, costs, time restrictions and many other factors, using a simulator has now become a vital part of any successful race driver's schedule. No matter what level you are competing at, whether it is karting, GT3, F1 or historic racing, every driver can benefit from the right preparation. Our driver training solutions are the very best at providing this.

Driver Training at Cranfield Simulation

All members of our coaching team have competed at high levels of racing themselves and have years of experience with successful driver development. At your session your coach will be viewing your data from our control room using real-time telemetry software and provide instant feedback through our intercom system whilst you are driving.

After each run the coach will talk you through your data and provide feedback and comparison with our benchmark laps, whether it is simulated or real-life data. Your data will not be shared with anyone else and can either be taken away with you on your own memory stick to go through by yourself or with your team, or it can be stored securely on our servers for comparison on your next session.

Every driver is different so the coach may personalise your sessions depending on your requirements. For example, to help some drivers to get into the right mind set, the coaches may suggest bringing your race suit, helmet, gloves and boots and prepare for the test session exactly as you would in real life. With our many years of experience and links to aerospace and varies militaries around the world we are able to apply the same principles that are proven in pilot training for aircraft including Typhoon, Tornado, Harrier, F16 and F18 fighter jets. 

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The Simulator


Real Motorsport Controls


Cranfield Aerospace G-Cueing Technology Designed for F1


VR and Triple Projection Screen



Using products and technology we have developed and supplied to F1 teams, our simulator accurately reproduces a realistic driving experience suitable for the very highest levels of motorsport.

The main training simulator is constructed around a composite single seater chassis formed from a real F1 mould. This positions the driver in the exact seating position as in a real formula car. In addition, real motorsport controls, including the steering wheel and pedals, are adapted to communicate with the simulation software for a true to life experience. The pedals can also be moved back and forth via electronic actuators with the push of a button to quickly adjust for taller or shorter drivers.

The chassis is situated on our in-house designed motion platform with four layers of motion technology.

The highly accurate and almost instantaneous system supplies an incredibly realistic driving sensation.

Inside the cockpit is the Cranfield ‘g-seat’ which utilises technology from our aerospace military solutions. The g-seat consists of multiple airbags that expand and contract to provide localised sustained pressure which simulates the g-forces felt when cornering.

The whole seat also has its own independent motion system which moves inside the car to simulate braking and acceleration.

The visuals can be provided either by our triple projection wrap around screen or VR headset.

Car and Track Library

We have a library of accurately modelled formula and GT cars created using real life data along with feedback from many of the world's top race drivers to provide unrivalled realism. The setups of the cars are as they would be in real life and the simulator reacts in accordance to changes made.

We also have an extensive database of tracks from across the globe, many of which are laser scanned or GPS mapped for ultimate accuracy. By driving many laps on the simulator, learning every bump, turn, kerb and gradient for each circuit saves many hours of real testing and track familiarisation. We also have many of the smaller test tracks which is perfect to make the most of your next real test session.

Meet Our Coaching Team

Craig Dolby

"Throughout my driving career I have used many simulators to assist with my own development up to and including F1 level. The simulator at Cranfield is a great centre for all levels of driving especially with the hardware they have developed for F1 teams.

Simulation has become a big part of motorsport in recent years so coaching in this environment has become as essential area for those looking to progress towards the front of the grid."

Racing Career

Single Seaters
Formula Renault 1.6

Superleague Formula

LMP2 Oreca 03

Brazilian Stock Car
Blancpain – Nissan GTR GT3, Mclaren 650s GT3
GT Open – Lamborghini Gallardo GT3

Callum Black

"Practising rallying is never easy with the lack of time available in the car so Cranfield's simulator offers the perfect opportunity to develop and maintain your focus and physical ability. As well as competing myself, I have also been coaching for a few years and the simulator has become a vital tool to help me achieve my goals both as a driver and a coach. Using the intercom system I can provide one on one coaching in real time or you can bring your co-driver and practice your pace note writing and communication."

Racing Career

Former British Rally Champion (BRC) Challenge Champion and multiple title winner.
Callum is currently competing in the British Rally Championship and BTRDA Gold Star in a Ford Fiesta R5

Derek Palmer

"One of the most powerful aspects of the simulator is the core skills you develop on it translate very well into a real-life circuit situation without the cost related factors associated with testing/racing a car. These are the core mechanics which we would look to grow and nurture to give you as close an experience as you can get to the real thing in a controlled environment."

Derek brings with him a wealth of experience from his racing background and has used Cranfield’s simulators to help prepare himself and his engineers for his last few seasons racing.

Racing Career

European GT4
British GT

Our Facility



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We offer advanced sSimulator Solutions for driver training and entertainment. Our experience of building show cars for Formula 1 teams enabled us to create high quality Formula 1 simulators. Our simulators are the most realistic and visually accurate on the market, and can be tailored to meet both requirement and budget. 

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