D-Box Gen II 1.5″ 4x Actuator Set 4400i – 400lb/182kg per actuator (230V)

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D-BOX motion systems enable you to develop highly reliable training applications that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics motion. By integrating our motion systems with your simulation engine, you gain a highly reliable simulator that responds to on-screen situations and user responses, using kinesthetic cues to build operators’ psychomotor reflexes.


D-BOX motion hardware can be integrated into a seat, platform, or other surface to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. Our motion systems are evolutive and scalable. We can help you select the optimal arrangement of actuators for your application, ensuring you deliver on budget and on time.


For simulation, D-BOX interactive software uses motion algorithms to respond to user commands. Motion signals are sent to our motion controller, which decrypts the signal and sends the queue to our motion actuators. D-BOX motion specialists support your integration to replicate all vehicle movements from your simulation, including vehicle position, acceleration, suspension, detonations, engine vibrations, and movement of articulated parts.


Simply connect a game title and bring kinesthetic cues to any racing simulator, instantly improving thrill level and training transfer.

Bridging the gap between low end vibration devices that do not generate motion and very complex hexapod structures that do not generate very accurate vibrations, D-BOX brings second-to-none believability to car simulation. Bottom line? D-BOX Motion Systems brings real life motion and vibrations to the virtual world creating a fully immersive, unparalleled gaming experience.


D-BOX Motion Systems enable you to develop highly reliable training and analysis applications that reproduce with an amazing precision and adaptation to generate variable conditions, including:

    • Pavement variations
    • A vehicle’s physical reaction to acceleration
    • Braking
    • Cornering
    • Suspension interaction feedback
    • Speed
    • Extreme weather conditions

By integrating D-BOX Motion Systems, drivers can wrap their hands around an incredibly powerful and reliable simulator that responds to on-screen situations and user responses and utilizes kinesthetic cues to build and analyze a driver’s muscle memory.


Mounting brackets sold separately.

Power Requirement – 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3,5 A

Max. lifting capacity / Actuator – 400lb/182kg

Actuator orientation – Vertical/Horizontal

Maximum vertical lift – 1.35’’ / 34.5 mm

Maximum velocity – ± 100 mm/sec

Maximum acceleration – ± 1 g-force

Frequency range – 0-100 Hz

Operating T° range – 0-40°C

Operating humidity – 10 to 75%


Actuator extremities can be captive or non captive.

  1. Allows the actuator to be attached to a sub-platform or on solid ground.
  2. For free flowing push against the floor with provided cup holder.
  3. To attach the actuators beneath the platform
  4. To attach the actuators to the side of the platform

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