Cranfield Motion Simulator Session (Priced per hour)

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All members of our coaching team have competed at high levels of racing themselves and have years of experience with successful driver development. At your session your coach will be viewing your data from our control room using real-time telemetry software and provide instant feedback through our intercom system whilst you are driving.

After each run the coach will talk you through your data and provide feedback and comparison with our benchmark laps, whether it is simulated or real-life data. Your data will not be shared with anyone else and can either be taken away with you on your own memory stick to go through by yourself or with your team, or it can be stored securely on our servers for comparison on your next session.

Every driver is different so the coach may personalise your sessions depending on your requirements. For example, to help some drivers to get into the right mind set, the coaches may suggest bringing your race suit, helmet, gloves and boots and prepare for the test session exactly as you would in real life. With our many years of experience and links to aerospace and various militaries around the world we are able to apply the same principles that are proven in pilot training for aircraft including Typhoon, Tornado, Harrier, F16 and F18 fighter jets.

Priced per hour.

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