Sustained Motion Cueing Modules

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The Cranfield Sustained Motion Cueing Seat or ‘G-Seat’ as it has become known is the result of 30 years of experience of creating simulation solutions within the aerospace industry.

Pneumatic actuators are situated around the driver’s seat structure at points where the driver experiences pressure as a result of forces induced by high speed driving. The cue provided by the system are progressive (proportional to relevant g demand) and sustained until the demand is removed.

In the world of simulation for pilot training, Cranfield Aerospace is the market leader in the provision of hi-fidelity g-cueing products for most of the world’s top level fixed base military simulators. It is the only supplier who in the industry to have successfully read across this technology into the motorsport industry, having delivered systems to both Formula 1 and NASCAR.

This system can be integrated into many types of seat including, Formula, GT or road car seats. It can also be retrofitted into customer supplied furnished seats for an aesthetically pleasing finish. If this option is to be taken, the buyer’s seat should be supplied with full padding and foam installed but prior to the final cover being applied, unless easily removable. This will allow us to insert the air cells in the most suitable position without affecting the final aesthetics of the seat. If this is option is not require then we can provide velcro sleeves with the air cells mounted inside. This will allow the system to be fitted on top of any existing covering.

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