Cranfield Simulation is a high technology, automotive simulator brand with a unique heritage in aerospace and professional motorsport. Founded in 1997 the Company is acknowledged as a global leader in fully immersive sustained motion cueing simulators, offering an exclusive product tailored to you.

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Formula   |  Simulator

Cranfield Simulation Formula simulators are build around a composite single seater tub formed from a real Formula 1 mould.

This can be supplied either as a static simulator or with any of our g-cueing motion modules for an ultra immersive driving experience like no other.


GT   |  Simulator

Our GT simulators provide a stunningly realistic representation of a closed wheel race/performance car, combined with the latest in simulation technology.



Our Training Centre is equipped with both our full-motion GT and Formula Simulators, wrap-around projection screens and control suite for data analysis.

Conveniently located off junction 13 of the M1 near Milton Keynes, within Cranfield University business park and adjacent to Cranfield Airport for arrival by private jet or helicopter. 

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