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Real Car Simulator Conversions

Our engineers have the ability to convert real vehicles (and their parts) into fully working simulators whether it is a complete decommissioned car or a spare race chassis (formula or GT).

Our team has the expertise to utilise the existing control systems and dashboards in the vehicle or we can supply simulator specific components which are often comprised of real motorsport parts. This means that the seating position, the feel of the controls and environment are 100% accurate to the car when on the track.

We also have the ability to convert vehicles into having a dual purpose; a fully working car with the ability to be used as a simulator. Often it is possible to switch between either application within half a day making this a highly cost effective, simple and accurate solution.

Road or race car chassis conversions

Utilise the existing vehicles control functionality including pedals, braking system, steering wheel, buttons and switches

Accurate steering torque recreation and brake feel

Integrateion with our g-cueing motion systems

Create dual purpose vehicle for both real driving and simulation use

Ability to create accurate software models of your vehicle

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Cranfield Simulation can provide technology, design, manufacture and integrate complete simulation solutions specific to your requirements.

Unique, sustained g-cueing | Avoids washout or negative cues | High accuracy, low latency feedback | Fully immersive driver training solutions | The most advanced simulator motion systems | Designed and built in the UK  | Sold worldwide

Derived from over 30 years experience in the aerospace industry.

Made in Britain