Advanced Motorsport Simulation

Sustained Motion g-Cueing

Cranfield g-Cueing has been developed over a period of 30 years and utilises technology from our aerospace solutions.

With 4 modules of motion technology operating in 11 dof across all 6 axes, the highly accurate and almost instantaneous system provides an incredibly realistic driving sensation.

Supplier to F1, NASCAR and LMP teams and professional drivers.


Cranfield Simulation is the only provider of simulators capable of providing the sensation of sustained motion. Cranfield’s unique experience and technology provides high fidelity motion cues with low latency and with no maximum duration.

We take what is widely regarded as the most realistic haptic system, officially licensed by the FIA, and then provide the option of a further three additional modules of motion to create an incredible immersive driving experience.

Cranfield Simulation can provide technology, design, manufacture and integrate complete simulation solutions specific to your requirements.

Unique, sustained g-cueing | Avoids washout or negative cues | High accuracy, low latency feedback | Fully immersive driver training solutions | The most advanced simulator motion systems | Designed and built in the UK  | Sold worldwide

Derived from over 30 years experience in the aerospace industry.

Made in Britain

Our Simulators   |  Axsim

Our motorsport simulators are sold under our new dedicated brand, AXSIM

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What's Inside?

Suspension Platform

We use the world's only haptic system endorsed by the FIA, the governing body of motorsport.

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Allows the simulator to pivot, the sensation of oversteer and to feel the tyre grip limits.

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Our G-force system designed for military fast jet simulators, now adapted for motorsport.

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Pro System

Reproduces high frequency vibrations and changes in eye position under high G-force.

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Our simulators have been designed with flexibility in mind, and with so many different options available it is possible to configure your simulator to suit your exact requirements. Whether it is a standard hatchback for road car training, an off road 4x4 vehicle or a 200+ mph formula track car; anything is possible.

With the vehicle type established you can add on our motion cueing modules, each of which add futher to the immersion.


Tailored Simulation Solutions

Our simulators are highly customisable and can be tailored to suit your own requirements whether it is for a professional environment or home entertainment.

Choose from a selection of different chassis, steering wheels, pedals, motion systems and visual options. You can also choose from a range of external paint colours and schemes, as well as interior trim choices including your own name or logo embroidered into the head rest to really make it your own.

Real Motorsport Controls

With our links to many top motorsport component manufacturers, we supply all of our simulators with real motorsport controls including steering wheels, pedals, gear shifters and chassis that we adapt in house for simulation use. We also have the capability to convert customer supplied controls and chassis.

This allows us to recreate the exact same environment for drivers, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the controls, seating positions and feel of the real vehicle from within the simulator.


With a combination of innovative hardware design and advanced algorithms, the Cranfield system creates the sensation of acceleration in a compact, lightweight, inexpensive and energy efficient package. It provides high-fidelity g-cues indefinitely which cannot be achieved with any other system.

Our full motion system has a footprint of approximately just 1.8m x 2m and can be powered by a single mains supply socket.

Cranfield Simulation products are in use by teams in Formula 1 as well as many other manufacturers, driver training centres and individuals across the globe.



(and why we do things differently)

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Laser Scanned Tracks

Laser scanning circuits enables exact reproductions of track surfaces and track side objects within the simulated environment regardless of complexity and size. Laser scanning is the most precise method of recreating 3D digital representations of the circuit. The sub millimeter accuracy is the reason this method of detail capture is used by all top tier race series including Formula 1. We have an extensive database of tracks from across the globe. By driving many laps on the simulator, learning every bump, turn, kerb and gradient for each circuit saves many hours of real testing and track familiarisation. We also have many of the smaller test tracks which is perfect to make the most of your next real test session.

Accurate Car Models

The software physics engine has been developed with practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the highest accuracy in physics and a highly connected feel to the cars and the road. All vehicles have been reproduced with the maximum attention to detail in order to provide a unique and highly accurate driving sensation as verified by many of the
world’s top race drivers.

We have many realistic car models from a wide range of racing series including, F1, F2, GP 3, F3, F4, Formula E, LMP1, LMP2, LMP3, GT 3, GT 4, GT Open, Renault Sport BTCC plus many more including historic cars.

The setups of the cars are as they would be in real life and the simulator reacts in accordance to changes you make in the software.

Total Compatibilty

If you would prefer to use your own software, our motion technology is also compatible with all leading simulation packages including:
rFactor, rF2, rFactor Pro, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project CARS, Codemasters F1, Automobilista and many others.

We are also able to create solutions to provide communication between your own custom simulation software and our motion systems.